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“The language game”, a philosophical theory developed by Ludwig Wittgenstein, asserts that words acquire meaning by their use, and how their use is connected to social practices. The artists in this exhibition interpret the use of language and play this language game in a physical aspect, bringing words to life in their work. Kenturah Davis explores this theory with her artwork, using text as a point of departure and exploring the fundamental role that language has in shaping human understanding. Gabriella Sanchez uses linguistics in her paintings to create a site of resistance and to enhance those being shown that do not fit neatly into the Eurocentric, cis-gendered agenda. Alberto Lule uses certain fonts and languages in his pieces to emphasize the problems of immigration, mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex in the United States. Eduardo Viramontes inscribes his pieces with his favorite lyrics, personal poems, or an expression of his conscious in the moment of creation, using his own alphabet of Letras Antiguas (Ancient Letters) which is influenced by old world languages like Sanskrit and Hieroglyphics.
We invite you to experience the different language games within these art works. Keep an open mind and do not let the use of language limit your imagination.
“The limits of this language are the limits of the world...” - Ludwig Wittgenstein