Matthew Brown Los Angeles and SCAD University Press proudly present Kenturah Davis: Everything that Cannot be Known, the artist’s debut monograph commemorating her first solo exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art in 2020. Featuring an insightful preface by Diane Von Furstenberg and an oeuvre-defining essay by curator Humberto Moro, the catalog also includes a conversation between Davis and BOMB Magazine’s Stephanie E. Goodalle and poems by Jayy Dodd.

Reworking photographs from fact to fiction, Davis uses mark-making processes, including her own handwriting and rubber letter stamps, to explore the impossibilities of representing Black bodies. Often blurred by other layers of material treatment, her figures seem to display auras or traces of movement in areas of raised or recessed relief. Witnessing the works’ graphic complexity as a metaphor, the viewer ultimately wonders: can the multitudes of our identities ever be known?