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Vincent Valdez: In Memory

Vincent Valdez blends large, representational paintings—the scale of which recall Western traditions of history painting as well as mural painting and cinema—with contemporary subject matter. Vincent Valdez: In Memory is the first book-length study of his work, which focuses on subjects that explore his observations and experience of life in the twenty-first century. The results are powerful images of American identity that confront injustice and inequity while imbuing his subjects with empathy and humanity. Valdez states, “My aim is to incite public remembrance and to impede distorted realities that I witness, like the social amnesia that surrounds us all.” Recognized for his monumental portrayal of the contemporary figure, his drawn and painted subjects remark on a universal struggle within various socio-political arenas and eras.

Artwork by Vincent Valdez
Texts by Denise Markonish, Roberto Tejada, and Rufus Wainwright

Published by Radius Books

Hardcover / 10.25 x 12.25 inches
80 color images / 184 pages
Trade ISBN: 9781955161084
Signed ISBN: 9781955161169

$60 / $65 (signed)