Dan Herschlein (b. 1989, Bayville, NY) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include Plot Hole at Matthew Brown Los Angeles (2019); Night Pictures at JTT, New York (2019); The Architect at the New Museum, New York (2018); Safe As Houses at JTT, New York (2017); The Stillness of Eddies at 56 Henry, New York; and Worm, at AALA, Los Angeles (2016).

Group exhibitions include Horology at Jack Hanley (2019); A Detached Hand, Magenta Plains (2019); Housewarming, Nicelle Beauchene (2018); The Pain of Others, Ghebaly Gallery (2018); NVV_2018, Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (2018), Pine Barrens, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (2018), Dinner that night, Bureau (2018), A Scream Runs Through the House, Helena Anrather (2017), By The Shade That Wanders, SIGNAL (2015), The Lateness of the Hour, Evening Hours (2015) and Me and Everyone that is With Me, Recess (2012).

Herschlein was the subject of a recent Art021 episode Dan Herschlein Looks Inside, New York Up Close.